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Legend has it that King Arthur’s wizard, Merlin, is buried under a barrow in the Wiltshire town of Marlborough. Whether that’s true or not is a matter for debate – but when it comes to washing windows Marlborough does, indeed, have a local legend that is all too real!

AMac Window Cleaning is the company that has gained a reputation for being Marlborough’s wizard window cleaners. They’re out and about cleaning windows in Marlborough every day.

The town has an abundance of homes, from brick terraces and large detached Victorian properties to modern new builds and riverside retirement developments. That means there are thousands of domestic windows to clean, and AMac is on a mission to make sure Marlborough windows are kept spotless.

The AMac cleaning crew is headed by husband and wife team, Jerard and Sarah McKay, assisted by two staff members. This professional team of Marlborough window washers uses the very latest technological window cleaning system to wash and dry the windows of Marlborough homes.

Known as the “reach and wash” system it consists of extendable poles through which a pipe to carry purified water is threaded, with a soft-bristled brush on the end to do the actual cleaning. The water used is purified at AMac’s headquarters, and carried by van, along with all the equipment, to each domestic window-cleaning job in Marlborough.

This system obviates the need for ladders to be brought on site because the window washers can reach even the upper storeys of a house from ground level. The team can also wash guttering, soffits, fascias and conservatory roofs in Marlborough quickly and efficiently with very little inconvenience.

Jerard and the team are a friendly, polite bunch, committed to first class customer service and cleaning windows in Marlborough with a professional touch.

Contact AMac Window Cleaning without delay to book an appointment for your house, whether its for a one-off window clean in Marlborough or to set up a very reasonably priced contract for regular cleaning. 

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The bustling Wiltshire town of Marlborough has an uncommonly wide High Street, lined with dozens of retail outlets – all the big chains and an eclectic variety of independent shops.

Shopping in Marlborough is serious business, and while you’re enjoying the experience hopefully you’ll notice how sparkling clean and clear the shop windows in Marlborough are! The same goes for the windows on most of the commercial buildings in and around the town, from hairdressers and hotels to restaurants and pubs.

Marlborough’s clean windows are mostly the work of AMac Window Cleaning, the local professionals who offer extremely affordable regular commercial window cleaning contracts in Marlborough and the surrounding area.

AMac have proved themselves to be reliable, quick and efficient when it comes to commercial window cleaning in Marlborough, and during 10 successful years in business have built up a portfolio of glowing testimonials to prove their worth.

The company is accredited by the British Window Cleaning Academy, which means they have the skills and training to work competently and safely as commercial window cleaners in Marlborough. They use a state-of-the-art environmentally friendly reach and wash system, which means no ladders or scaffolding will clutter up the site while cleaning is in progress, even to reach windows at height.

AMac offer one-off commercial window cleans in Marlborough, or are happy to arrange flexible, tailor-made contracts for regular cleans – not only of windows but also exterior features like cladding and guttering.

If you’d like to run your Marlborough business with perfect clarity, call AMac Window Cleaning on 01249 712430 for a free quotation today.

Contact AMac Window Cleaning without delay to book an appointment for your house, whether its for a one-off window clean in Marlborough or to set up a very reasonably priced contract for regular cleaning.


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